Kaarina Lee Art

Grieving Obsidian Wands

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Over the course of my own healing journey, I found it helpful to set quiet time aside to hold space for myself, to sit with grief or sadness. When I did this, I felt better afterwards. These wands are designed to draw old energy out—and invite new, vibrant energy in—so their healing energy is magnified by the piece of obsidian at the tip. 

Everyone could do with a bit of magic in their life! These wands are handmade, fashioned by layering polymer and plastic in an intentional design before being carefully painted to shine. Each one is completely unique and one-of-a-kind, decorated with gemstones, glass eyes, and beautiful trinkets that make them true works of art. Then, to ensure their longevity, the wands are sealed in a high gloss varnish. 

Store your wand in a safe place, and be gentle with it…because it’s a bit of magic and imaginatively powerful!