Artist Statement

My art is inspired by my own life experiences, and I believe that each piece I create—whether it be a painting, air plant hanger, or magic wand—is a mirror of my thoughts and emotions. Each piece of art tells a story, and I use patterns of imagery and symbolism to effectively share those stories with people who encounter my work. 

For me, the act of creating art can’t be rushed. Everything happens in its own divine timing, and so much of the process of creation is about being meditative and becoming quiet inside. There’s something magical about surrendering to the creative process itself, and it’s served as a healing force in my life. I’m hopeful that my work, in turn, will help others journey through their lives—in imaginative and inspirational ways. 

Not all of my pieces are simple or ‘comfortable,’ but seeing this dichotomy as being fully present and realized in my artwork is important to me. I believe that art is meant to move us as humans, that it should help us to better understand our own emotions and experiences so that we can grow and evolve through our journeying. 

Creating art is about being vulnerable, and about sharing yourself with people in a very deep and honest way. If we can share those most honest parts of ourselves, I believe that we can connect and heal as humans in a collaborative way. We can, I think, move forward in our journey to connect with one another and gain deeper insight into ourselves, as well as the world around us.